20 Easy Ways To Lose Belly Fat Without Sit-Ups

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by Healthoria.com – When you want to lose a few pounds you tend to focus on the big, time consuming changes. You dust off your gym membership, and scrape the rust off your exercise bike rotting in the corner. Here’s twenty easy ways to lose belly fat without sit-ups.

10 Easy Diet Changes

Eat More Almonds

Eating 15-20 almonds can help with digestion, hunger, and normalize our relations with China. Okay, not that last one. But, seriously these things need to be part of your daily diet routine.

Read Every Label

Do you really know how many calories are in that? Or are you just assuming? People who scrutinize every label, of everything they eat, more accurately track their daily calories. When you guesstimate, you overeat.

Eat More Pickles

If you love pickles, you’re in luck. They’re at the top of the list of weight loss super foods. Their calorie density is so low that you’ll feel full without consuming a significant amount of calories. Eat more.

Eat More Protein

People who follow a high protein, low carb diet consistently lose more weight than those with carb heavy meals. It’s hard for our bodies to fully utilize a carb overload. Protein also helps you feel full, and satisfied longer.

Eat Less Carbs

This goes hand and hand with high protein. You don’t need to transition to a zero carb diet, that kind of diet isn’t for everyone. But you should make a conscious effort to portion control your protein and carbs with each meal. If you see nothing but carbs on your plate, you’re doing it wrong.

Eat Less Boxed Food

Processed food is so convenient, it’s not even fair. These boxed foods are also a main contributor to overeating, and the obesity epidemic. They’re often stripped of fiber, and loaded with sugar.

Drink More Water

Water helps with digestion, essential body functions, and plays a vital role in making you feel full. It also leads to excessive water retention if you aren’t getting enough.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugar drinks, like soda and fruit juice, are digested so fast your ass inflates by 2% with every sip. I’m just estimating, I’m still working on the math. Your body can’t utilize this massive flood of sugar, which contributes to excessive body fat. Cut back on the sugar drinks, and you’re guaranteed to waddle less. I promise.

Eat More Snacks

Eating more healthy snacks between meals is a positive way to curb hunger, and avoid overeating during your next meal. If you sit down at the dinner table feeling like you could devour an entire family of baby chickens, you need more snacks in your life.

Stop Eating White Bread

It’s an easy switch to wheat bread, and the diet benefits are worth the effort. White bread, along with other foods cooked with flour, contribute to weight problems because they digest too quickly for our body to utilize all those calories efficiently.

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5 Easy Exercise Changes

Challenge Yourself
Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to burn calories. When you challenge your body to do something new, it will do everything it can to compensate for the unfamiliar behavior. Try something new. A spin class, ballroom dancing, run a marathon — get out of your comfort zone and burn more body fat while doing it.

Start Weight Training
Weight training isn’t just for big, ginormous bodybuilders. Everyone with a pulse can reap the benefits of developing lean muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn to maintain that muscle tissue.

Try Interval Training
Interval training has proven to accelerate your calorie burn during workouts. Instead of using a steady, consistent pace for your entire workout out — use bursts of high intensity. If you go for a jog, mix in a full sprint for 20-30 seconds followed by a job for one minute. Repeat the process for the duration of the run.

Choose To Be Active
Small, simple choices add up over time. Take the stairs instead of the elevator once in a while. Park a little farther than usual. Ride your bike to the mailbox, instead of starting up your car.

Form An Exercise Habit
Our lives are ruled by habits. We wake up and go to sleep at the same time. We eat and go to work at the same time. Use the power of habits to help you exercise. When you exercise on the same day and same time each and every week, you form a mental habit that compels you to continue.

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5 Easy Habit Changes

Get More Sleep
We usually associate sleep with mood, and how we “feel” each day. But more and more evidence is showing how important sleep cycles are to weight management. People who get both higher quality and quantity sleep, lose more weight than people getting by on a few hours each night.

Do More Yard work
Be productive and burn more calories! You’d be surprised how many calories you burn by doing an hour of yard work every week.

Weigh Yourself Consistently
Don’t weigh yourself every hour. You don’t need to be that guy. But you do want to establish consistent credibility. Make sure to weigh yourself at the same time, and same day to better compensate for daily and weekly weight fluctuations.

Be A Slow Eater
Your body uses hormones to tell your brain when to stop eating because you’re full. There’s an estimated delay of up to 20 minutes before your stomach is full, and when your brain interprets it being full. So, you tend to overeat when you swallow your food like you haven’t eaten in weeks because of the time delay in hormone release. Eating at a slower pace gives your brain time to be more in sync with the amount of food you’ve consumed.

Don’t Starve Yourself
Skipping meals is just bad. It doesn’t really matter which meal you skip, either. It leads to constant grazing on snack food, and overeating at your next full meal.

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Lose Belly Fat Without Sit-Ups

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