10 Ways To Satisfy Constant Hunger

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ways to satisfy constant hunger

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When you’re on a diet, or trying to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, adjusting to the change in food volume can be difficult. Your body and brain expects a certain amount of food according to your habitual eating patterns.

A change in this routine can cause headaches, a rumbling tummy, and frustration from lack of satisfaction with your meals.

Here’s a list of ways to satisfy constant hunger, and help stop overeating.

1. Eat More Protein With Meals

Protein is digested slower than carbohydrates, giving you a prolonged sense of feeling full because there’s still food in your belly being digested. Pay attention to when your hunger cravings start, and add more protein to the meals before this time frame.

2. Eat Fewer Carbs With Meals

When carbohydrates are processed and broken down it has an influence on your insulin levels. When your insulin levels are elevated it has proven to influence and interrupt your feeling of being satiated.

High Carb Meals > Elevated Insulin > You Feel Hungry

3. Schedule Between Meal Snacks

You don’t have to deprive and punish yourself into avoiding food between meals. In fact, it usually has a very destructive result. Between meals is when most grazing and light snacking happens. These tiny bites of food can add up to hundreds of calories each and every day. Start scheduling a healthy snack to avoid calories from food you don’t want in your meal plan.

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4. Improve Eating Routines

Once a habit starts it can be an incredible challenge to eliminate. Often, we don’t even consider it a bad habit it’s just something you’ve always done. When it comes to eating, the number one problem is eating while watching TV.

The foods you usually eat are loaded with sugar and carbs which fuels over consumption and constant hunger. Replace poor food choices with a piece of chicken, beef jerky, or a negative calorie vegetable.

5. Eat Slower

Your brain and stomach aren’t working on a simultaneous interpretation of what you’re consuming. There’s quite a delay before your brain starts to realize how much food you’ve eaten. If you eat slower, and take time to savor your food, your hunger will be satisfied much longer after you’ve finished your meal.

6. Drink More Water

Hunger cravings are also a way your body signals a need for water, since much of the water we get comes from food. If you’re constantly hungry it could be that you’re not getting enough water and your brain is trying to prevent dehydration.

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7. Drink Black Coffee

Caffeine is a very strong appetite suppressant, but not all coffee can satisfy your hunger. If your coffee is loaded with sugar and creamer, it can actually make you crave more carbs within an hour after finishing.

8. Eat More Fiber

Fiber is the diet super food when it comes to weight loss. Soluble fiber can insulate your stomach and slow the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream. Your sugar levels have a direct influence on insulin levels, which plays a role in huger and feeling full.

Here’s a list of high fiber foods to choose from.

9. Eat More Zero Calorie Foods

If you absolutely need to eat something because everyone is staring at your rumbling tummy, try to eat more negative calorie foods to avoid gaining weight. These are foods that require more energy and calories to for you to digest, then they provide once consumed. Negative calorie foods include celery, lemons, grapefruit, apples and broccoli.

10. Choose Vegetables Over Salad

While a salad is definitely a healthy choice, a bowl of lettuce has very little fiber content resulting in hunger cravings shortly after your meal. Instead, choose a bowl of fibrous vegetables that will leave you satisfied and feeling full much longer.

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