10 Ways To Cope With Anxiety

Written by Healthoria.com – If you’re struggling with recurring or constant anxiety it’s important to have a plan for those moments of elevated stress. Below are the ten most effective ways to cope with anxiety.

1 – Encourage Moments Of Calm

Bouts of high anxiety are obviously moments of elevated stress. You should try to balance your stress levels with moments of relaxation. Meditation is incredibly effective at calming your mind and nerves. You can also try yoga, or get a massage.

2 – Limit Alcohol Consumption

The amount of alcohol (and caffeine) you drink has been linked to high anxiety and panic attacks. Monitor your consumption daily, and see if there’s a correlation between alcohol and your anxiety.

3 – Daily Exercise

Exercising relieves stress and increases hormones that help you feel good about yourself, and generally more happy.

4 – Count To 10

It isn’t that you need a timeout for misbehaving, it’s a way to distract your mind and focus on something other than what’s causing your anxiety. A slow count to 10 or 20, can be incredibly helpful in moments of stress.

5 – Try To Rationalize

The tone of your thoughts can help you cope with anxiety or make it worse. Rationalizing, vocally or internally, can help you gain perspective and limit further anxiety.

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6 – Talk To Someone

People want to help you. Sometimes that’s hard to believe, and sometimes we don’t want to burden anyone with our problem. Talking to someone can also help you escape the cycle of anxiety. Having anxiety about having anxiety is also a common problem.

7 – Eat Well Balanced Meals

Much of our mood, stress and even our anxiety can be attributed to the food we’re eating, and the nutrients we aren’t. Eating a well balanced meal, and supplementing with a daily multivitamin is all some people need to help cope with anxiety.

8 – Prioritize Sleep

Stess and anxiety is taxing on your mind and body. It literally needs more time to recover after bouts of stress. If you’re struggling to get some Z’s try a sleep mask, melatonin pills, or some chamomile tea before heading off to bed.

9 – Maintain A Positive Attitude

A negative attitude and negative thoughts can have a snowball effect and essentially becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You can also influence your mood, stress and anxiety with more positive thoughts and emotions.

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10 – Identify Anxiety Triggers

Anyone with recurring anxiety knows what makes it worse. Identify your personal triggers and use the steps above to work through those moments. Be ready, be prepared and have a plan when that moment arrives.

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