10 Things That Causes Divorce

causes of divorce

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by Healthoria.com – Falling in love, getting married, and having children. It sounds like such a simple formula, right? But life always seems to find a way to ruin your fairy-tale. Yes, life finds a way. Here’s the top 10 causes of divorce.


Year after year, money tops the list as the number one reason for divorce. It isn’t always about not having enough money, either. It can also be the result of imbalanced spending and income. If one person spends or earns significantly more than the other, it can lead to major problems.


You really don’t know the kind of parent you’re going to be until you have a small human running through your halls and drawing on the furniture with a crayon. A different parenting philosophy on punishment, chores, and education don’t reveal themselves until you’re several years into your marriage.


The most obvious form of intimacy is physical. A lack of physical contact creates a range of emotions from feeling unwanted to feeling unattractive. But intimacy is more than just sex. When your marriage lacks personal intimacy, meaning you don’t talk about deeply personal emotions anymore, your relationship begins to suffer.

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No one wants to be constantly nagged, and no one wants to feel like they’re married to a child that needs to be reminded to take out the trash. When there’s an responsibility imbalance, it leads to feelings of inadequacy and unfairness. Everyone’s unhappy.


We choose who we want to marry, but we inherit their friends. Some people have life long friends who are polar opposites to their own personality. This drastic difference leads to conflict or a request to spend less time with people your spouse doesn’t like.

You Annoy Each Other

All those cute, quirky behaviors you found so adorable at the beginning of the relationship become noticeably less cute as time passes. You each begin to develop personal pet peeves about your partner’s behavior that can become a daily annoyance.

Family & In-Laws

It’s not unusual to have difficulty bonding with your spouses family. Everyone has their own personal mother in-law horror story. Not liking their family, isn’t the real problem. It’s when your spouse takes sides, and it’s not yours, that it becomes a turning point in the marriage.

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Unmet Expectations

We all have expectations of what life will be like when we get married. If you find yourself constantly saying, “I didn’t sign up for this” you’re in trouble.

Clashing Personalities

Sometimes people are just so different, that it becomes impossible to co-exist. Often we’re attracted to people different from our personalities, because it kind of “balances” who we are. These passionate differences become more apparent as time passes and can lead to dramatic and lasting fractures in a marriage.

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Causes of divorce

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