10 Quick Tips To Get A Flat Belly Faster

10 tips to get a flat belly

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Everyone wants that elusive six-pack stomach, but most people would be elated with losing a few inches and having a flatter belly.  The problem is it takes more than just “eating better” to flatten your belly. If you aren’t seeing significant results, here’s 10 of the best tips to get a flat belly faster.

Avoid Getting Bloated

The size and thickness of your belly isn’t just excess body fat.  You might be surprised how much thicker your belly looks because of bloat.  Here’s a few daily habits known to cause belly bloating:

Chewing gum
Drinking through a straw
Drinking carbonated beverages
Talking while eating

Foods To De-Bloat

If you think some of your belly thickness is due to bloat, and not just belly fat, you can reduce the bloating with certain foods.  Eat more of this to get a flatter belly and reduce bloat:


Work Your Core

Raise your hand if you hate sit-ups.  Yeah, me too. The good news is core exercises aren’t limited to doing hundreds of sit-ups.  There are different ways to exercise your core that don’t involve lying on the floor and doing crunches.

Give this workout a try:

Reduce Stress

A hectic and stressful life can contribute to excess belly fat without even realizing it.  It’s partly because “stress eating” is a real thing, and you’re appetite and sugar cravings may increase under stress.  Excess belly fat is also linked to an increase in the hormone cortisol which your body produces while you’re feeling stressed. Here’s a few tips to reduce stress quickly.

Get Quality Sleep

A lot happens during sleep that we don’t really think about until it’s disrupted. Many of your hormones, including those linked to appetite and weight loss, are influenced by the amount of sleep you get each night.  If you’re always tired, and not getting enough sleep, it may be contributing to unwanted belly fat.

Drink More Water

While drinking 8 oz of water every few hours can start to feel like a chore it isn’t something you should ignore.  Water plays a role in your metabolism, digestion, and appetite. Drinking plenty of water will also limit the desire to drink other higher calorie beverages.

Limit Refined Carbohydrates

Most people associate whole grain foods with eating healthier which is true, but it also has a significant influence on your metabolism and the way your body stores fat.  Swap out the white bread, white rice, and refined carbs with more whole grains.

Eat Some Fat

If you’re on a diet, you’re likely trying to lower your overall body fat but that doesn’t mean you should completely ban all forms of fat in food.  Some “good fats” have proven helpful in losing weight and getting a flatter belly. Here’s a few good fats to eat:

Olive Oil

Eat More Protein

People on a high-protein diet consistently lose more weight compared to those who eat a high carbohydrate diet.  There’s a few reasons why this happens:

1. It digests slower than other foods helping to curb your appetite.
2. Higher protein consumption helps maintain muscle mass.
3. It requires more calories to digest protein compared to other foods.

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10 tips to get a flat belly

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