10 Minute Toned Legs Workout

Toned legs workout

The way you train your legs will dictate the results. Training for size, and muscle mass, is different than trying to tone. The workouts are different, and so are the results. If you want to get lean, well defined legs, here’s a toned legs workout list you should definitely try.

Tips For Toning Legs

Heart Rate

When your heart is racing, and legs are burning it can get a little – uncomfortable. But this is the zone you want to be in, and how the toning process begins. One of the big differences between toning, and building muscle mass is the pace of the routine.

You want to keep your heart rate elevated with short breaks to catch your breath and grab some water. If your heart is pounding, it means you’re churning through calories.

If you’re just going through motions, at a leisurely pace, it’s definitely easier but far less rewarding.

Don’t Try To Isolate

Everyone has a specific area they want to target on their legs. For some it’s the inner thighs, while others are unhappy with the fat on their hips. Try to approach toning your lower body systemically, instead of trying to isolate.

This will do a couple of things. Activating larger muscle groups helps burn calories and stimulate helpful hormones. Training your entire lower body will also allow you to alternate muscle groups without needing to stop your workout.

For example, your glutes and quads can rest and get a much needed break during calf exercises.

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Don’t Be Afraid Of HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is intended to be challenging, requiring you to train near maximum effort in 20-30 second intervals. It’s not easy, but it’s one of the most efficient and effective ways to train.

It also burns a ton of calories. To get the most out of HIIT try to push yourself to YOUR limit. You don’t need to keep pace with the instructor, but you do need to reach a high intensity level for you.

Toned Legs Workout List

Workout #1 – Chloe Ting

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10 minute toned legs workout

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