10 Minute Toned Calves Workout

toned calves workout

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Toned, well developed calves are just sexy. They’re easily visible, and naturally flex when you walk across the room. While having nice calves is a common goal for both men and women, it’s also something most people struggle with. If you’re training your calves like any other muscle group, you’re likely disappointed with the results. Here’s a toned calves workout list that will deliver fast results.

Tips For Toning Calves

Muscular Development

Calves are a little different when it comes to muscular development because they aren’t supposed to tire easily through repetitive use. Your calves can help move your body weight for several miles without significant fatigue.

Imagine trying to do the same thing with your biceps. They’re intended purpose is different, so the training will need to be different.

While most muscle groups will reach fatigue in the 8-12 rep range, most calf workouts will push you into 20-30 reps, with some as high as 100 reps to reach a deep fatigue.


How often you need to train your calves is heavily influenced by genetics. Some people are genetically gifted in specific muscle groups and can have massive calves without needing a lot of stimuli. They can get a good pump from indirect leg work.

But for most people, you’ll likely need to include direct calf workouts at least twice per week to start seeing significant results.

Toned Calves Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2



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Toned calves workout

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