10 Minute Toned Back Workout

Toned back workout

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Written by Healthoria.com – Fitness goals are surprisingly varied. While everyone in the gym wants to be healthier, not everyone wants a massive, over developed back. A lot of people just want to improve aesthetics, and get more muscle tone. If getting lean is your personal goal, here’s a toned back workout list for super fast fat loss.

How To Tone Your Back

Back Of Shoulders

One of the more overlooked muscles, for both men and women, are the rear deltoids. This is where the back of your shoulder connects to the tricep. It’s also a soft spot with noticeable “squishy” fat when neglected.

You can tighten this area with rear deltoid flies, and straight arm pulldowns.


The fastest, and most efficient way to tone your back will be a combination of resistance and cardio training. Adding some dumbbells to a cardio workout, can dramatically increase the intensity and speed up the results you’re looking for.


Adding muscle, and getting stronger, isn’t something most people struggle with. Just eat a lot, and exercise. But getting leaner is something most people find challenging. Regardless of how often you exercise, it will be difficult to make noticeable gains with a terrible diet.

Easiest changes to reduce back fat:

Eat less sugar
Reduce simple carbohydrates
Reduce fast food

Best diet for pure fat loss: Keto

10 Minute Toned Back Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2



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Toned back workout

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