10 Minute Toned Arms Workout

Toned arms workout

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by Healthoria.com – If you’re thinking about short sleeve weather, and getting little worried about all the jiggling, you might want to try a few rounds of arm toning workouts. Toning workouts are intended to be short, but efficient, with the focus on toning instead of building muscle bulk. Here’s a few arm toning tips, and the best at home workouts for toned arms.

Tips For Toned Arms


While it’s entirely possible to tone your arms, and upper body, using only your bodyweight you can speed up the process with the right amount of resistance. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment, either.

One or two sets of dumbbells, that are easily stored out of sight, are all you need for a good arm workout.


Something most people tend to misjudge is how much weight you need to tone your arms. And it’s rarely as much as you think. Moving the most weight possible isn’t the most efficient way to tone.

Your goal is to reach muscle fatigue around 12 repetitions. You should start to feel tired around the tenth rep, requiring you to push your muscles past fatigue in the final reps. If you’re tiring before reaching the desired 10-12 reps you’re using too much weight for toning.


You can speed up the toning process by cleaning up your diet a little bit. These are some of the foods which contribute the most to arm and body fat:

Reduce the following:

High Sugar Foods
Foods Cooked With White Flour
White Rice
White Bread
Fast Food
Fried Food

Toned Arms Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2



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Toned arms workout

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