10 Minute Ab Workout

10 minute ab workout

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by Healthoria.com – You don’t need to do thousands of sit-ups to get an impressive six pack, and in many cases it can result in diminished returns or an injured back. Abs are like any other muscle group. They need targeted workouts and time to recover, before the next session. And for most people, a 10 minute ab workout is all that’s needed.

How To Get Abs

While getting visible abs seems like a singular goal, there are actually three crucial components. To get the desired results you’ll need to address the following:


Diet is the most important element to “seeing” your abs. Not developing, or building, abs because anyone can do that with the right ab workout. But being able to see your abs is what everyone wants.

If your diet is terrible, it will be nearly impossible to overcome. Here’s the best diet to get fat off your midsection:

How to eat Keto


You can either influence your body to break down fat while in a calorie deficit, or increase your calorie expenditure to speed up fat loss. Doing both is ideal, and will exponentially increase your results.

Here’s the best fat burning cardio:

HIIT workouts for beginners
Kickboxing workouts that burn 500 calories

Ab Workout

The third, and final, component of your ab goal is using the right core workouts to get the desired results. Not all ab exercises are aesthetically pleasing. They all add functional value, and core strength, but some will leave your midsection blocky and thicker than most want.

Below are the best ab workouts for a slim, toned waist.

10 Minute Ab Workout List

Workout #1

Workout #2



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10 minute ab workout
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