10 Easy Ways To Cut 100 Calories Each Day

10 ways to cut 100 calories

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If your goal is to lose at least one pound each and every week, you’ll need to find a way to reduce your daily calories by several hundred. While most people focus on the big meals to make these reductions, there are much easier ways to reduce your total by as much as 500 calories each day.  Here’s a list of 10 easy ways to cut 100 calories everyday.

Don’t Eat In Front Of TV

One incredibly common habit that adds several hundred calories each day is munching on snack food while watching tv. The foods you choose are often high in sodium, sugar, or carbohydrates. All those ingredients are counterproductive to weight loss. You can break the habit by switching to a crunchy vegetable like carrots or celery, then moving on to chewing gum.

Don’t Ruin Your Salad

There are times when good intentions can actually make things worse. Salads can be bland, tempting you to spruce up the flavor with some toppings or a rich dressing. When you add up all those extra calories you might be consuming more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger. Keep a close eye on high calorie toppings like avocados, walnuts, and croutons.

Save some calories by switching to peppers, onions, or mushrooms.

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Switch To A Smaller Plate

Studies have shown the plates we place our food on influences how much we eat. When you use smaller plates it changes the perception of quantity, making your portion appear larger. This can reduce your daily calories by as much as 20% without increasing your hunger cravings.

Control Your Coffee Habit

Most people need some caffeine in the morning. This is incredibly helpful, not just for energy but also for your metabolism. The problem is with how much sugar and extra calories you get per cup of coffee. If you have a Starbucks habit, you could be adding an extra 400 calories to your daily calories every morning.

Limit sugar in your coffee, and try swapping for tea once in a while.

Count How Many You Eat

Often, you don’t realize how many calories you’ve just consumed because you weren’t keeping track of how many chips, crackers or nuts you just inhaled. This can add up quickly, especially with potato chips. Instead of dipping your hand into a bag or bowl fifteen times, grab a napkin and count out how many you’re going to eat.

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Reduce Or Swap Your Pasta

Pasta is a normal weekly staple in most households. It’s also one of the more calorie dense foods you can eat, with extra calories coming from the many side dishes. Bread, butter, parmesian cheese, and spaghetti sauce can skyrocket one serving of pasta into the 700-800 calorie range.

It’s Okay To Be Full

Don’t waste your food! It’s what most of us are told as children, and it usually stays with us into adulthood. If you see food on your plate, you feel a need to eat it even if you’re already full.

You can save 5-10% of your daily calories if you were to just stop eating when you know you’re full. Even if it’s just one or two bites you decide you don’t want to eat, those calories will add up each day to several hundred.

Find The Bad Habits

Most people will eat surprisingly well, and within a healthy range each day. One or two bad choices, however, can wreck your entire day and cause weight gain. It’s not a huge decision either. It’s a 150 calorie bag of chips in the afternoon. Or a 300 calories smoothie on the ride home from work. Find your habits and try to find better alternatives.

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Don’t Drink Your Calories

Juice, soda and energy drinks are a daily habit for most people. If you fall into this group, and consider it a haibt, it likely isn’t just once per day either. Most people with a soda habit drink 3-5 of those calorie packed cans every day. If you add up all those calories you’re drinking, you’d be shocked to realize you’re drinking up to 500 calories per day.

Choose A Better Breakfast

You can reduce calories, and feel full for much of the morning, by ditching the usual bowl of cereal or buttered toast and opt for more a more protein dense meal. Try switching to eggs, oatmeal, or cottage cheese in the morning.

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